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User / Operator Instructions

The following User Instructions document contains instructions for you, the End User of our Products. For your safety, and to keep your Products working most efficiently and as designed, encourage you to read these instructions carefully and thoroughly, and follow all instructions it contains. If you have any questions, please call us at 574-825-4600.

If you as a User are installing or replacing any Product, we also ask that you read the Installer Instructions.


  • End User or User: Refers to the person or persons who will ultimately use or are intended to use the Product. This typically refers to the owner(s) or user(s) of the recreational vehicle (RV) in which the Product is installed. All references to "you", "your", "owner" or "user" refer to you - the End User of our Products.
  • Distributor: Refers to the party which purchases the Product from the Manufacturer and sells it to the End User. Distributor may be the recreational vehicle (RV) OEM or a party distributing Product on behalf of the Manufacturer.
  • User Guides: Refer to all installation instructions and/or End User instructions provided with the unit from the Distributor or RV OEM, or available on the Manufacturers Website. Most current Product information will be located on the Manufacturers Website:
  • Installer: Refers to the individual or entity who installs the Product for End User use. This is typically the Product installation technician at the RV OEM, but in some cases could be an End User.
  • Manufacturer: Refers to the party who designs, manufactures, and sells Product to the Distributor; or in some cases directly to the End User. In the context of this document, the Manufacturer is Firefly Integrations LLC for all Product. Any references to "Firefly Integrations", "Firefly", "we", "us", and "our", refer to the Manufacturer.
  • OEM: Refers to the original equipment Manufacturer of the recreational vehicle (RV) in which Product is installed.
  • Operator: Any person or persons who uses the Product including any Manufacturer, Distributor, or sales staff, who operate the Product other than the End User.
  • Product or Products: Refers to all electronic components and related supplies which are made or supplied by the Manufacturer.
  • Terms and Conditions: The agreed to specifications, procedures, use, and limitations, as well as all legal limitations or Manufacturer disclaimers; which by installation or use of any Product, the Installer and End User consent to and agree to abide by.
  • Terms and Conditions Placards: All physical (labels) or electronic notification placed on Product to notify the Installer or End User of theTerms and Conditions for installation and/or use of the Product.
  • Third Party: Refers to the Manufacturers or suppliers of any parts other than those developed and supplied by Firefly Integrations.


  1. User Guides are updated periodically or on an as-required basis. If you have not checked the Manufacturers Website for the latest documents, this document may be outdated, and new information may be available. You must check Manufacturers Websiteto verify that the most recent documents are being used.
    1. Become completely familiar with the system, read all User Guides, and be familiar with all warnings, and limitations prior to operating any Product.
  2. Failure to follow outlined specifications and warnings could lead to Product or RV damage, physical injury, or death. Manufacturer shall not be responsible for any unsafe acts or misuse of the Product.
  3. Product must be used only for its intended purpose as defined on the specification sheet.
  4. Product must not be altered, and must not be used in violation of any code or legal requirement.
  5. Manufacturer does not certify the Product to any regulatory or environmental standards.‡
  6. All trademarks and patents must be honored.
  7. All Terms and Conditions Placards must remain permanently affixed to all Product‡. Removing these placards voids any warranty and liability associated with the Distributor and Manufacturer.
  8. Terms and Conditions Placards may or may not be present on the Product, however all Terms and Conditions shall apply.


Your RVs electrical and multiplex system has been developed and installed for your enjoyment. We would like your system to work well and provide years of happy RVing. To keep the system working at its peak efficiency, and maintaining the safety of you and your family, we ask that you carefully read understand your OEMs user manual, our Product information, user manual(s), User Guides, and the following information:

  1. The RV system and Product is a 12 volts direct current (DC) system and is not to be subjected to voltages greater than 16 volts. We want to make sure that you are safe and not injured by any jump starting, boosting, or charging of the electrical system.
  2. The 12-volt DC system must be connected in the correct polarity to the battery/batteries.
  3. Prior to RV movement, it is best practice to positively shut off or remove 12-volt power from all mechanized systems including, but not limited to, slide-outs, awnings, shades, lifts, jacks, etc.; as mechanized systems could potentially cause damage, injury or death if operated while the vehicle is in motion.
  4. Any Product that is not mounted to the exterior of the vehicle must not be exposed to liquids or moisture of any kind (including the use of any cleaning agents)‡.
    1. The only approved exception is cleaning of the glass surface of LCD touchscreens. To clean the LCD, power down the system and then gently wipe it with a slightly damp cloth (only using water or lens cleaner). Ensure the LCD is fully dry before powering the system up again.
  5. Your RVs electrical system has been designed to work with specific components and features. Modifying or in any way changing any part of the system could lead to damage or injury that we cannot be responsible for. Any modifications shall be at your sole risk, and any and all warranty would be void.
  6. Our Product is not designed to give safety-critical warnings or notifications, and does not monitor or notify User of any over-fills, over-pressures, over-temperatures, or other potentially dangerous conditions which may be present in the RV in which the Product is installed. Please verify that you thoroughly understand all systems on your RV, and that you take all prudent steps to verify that it is being monitored and operated in a safe manner.
  7. User is responsible to verify the safe use of the Product, which includes verifying the safety of the environment and RV surroundings prior to operating any moving components (such as slides, awnings, lifts, etc.).
  8. If Manufacturer replacement parts are required, use only original, authentic Product, or a direct replacement offered by the Manufacturer.
  9. Manufacturer is not responsible for the operation or function of Third-Party Products or systems that are integrated into the vehicle. Manufacturer only accepts responsibility for its own Product. Any third-party system or component additions or changes (including hardware, software or firmware updates or changes) which interact with any Manufacturers system or Products  constitute unauthorized use, unless specifically approved in writing by the Manufacturer, are done at your own risk and will not the responsibility of the Manufacturer if there are any malfunctions.
  10. Unless specifically noted, the Manufacturerspecifically disclaims, expressed or implied, that the Product is intended to be used in hazardous environments requiring fail-safe operation or in any application where a failure or malfunction could lead to physical or environmental damage, personal injury, or death. The OEM is responsible for implementing fail-safe measures in cases where a failure could lead to physical or environmental damage, personal injury, or death.


  1. Any load that causes or could cause movement, or could otherwise cause damage or injury must only be operated where it can be seen from the operating location. Such loads include, but are not limited to: slides, lifts, awnings, covers, and jacks.
  2. Heating & cooling must be mutually exclusive, and may not be used at the same time.

We thank you for taking the time to thoroughly read and adhere to these User Instructions. If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

† As specified on Product or in Product datasheet
‡ Unless specified on Product or in Product datasheet

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